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We’ve got you.

Here to support, not to shame.

We have all encountered things online that have made us uncomfortable. Let's talk about how to navigate them. Whether you’re here to get support, learn, or figure out how to help a friend, we’re here to support in making digital spaces safer for everyone.

Support your friends 👥

Block creeps 🙅

Stay safe out there 👍


Our Mission

Empowering young people in their connected world.

Our promise at NoFiltr is to foster a community that inspires open and honest dialogue, to operate without judgment, and to empower young people with practical knowledge they can use in their day-to-day lives.

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Find Resources

We’ve compiled resources to help you learn more about the potential risks you may face online, learn how to navigate them, and get help when you need it.


Give Advice

Whether it’s knowing when to block or report a creeper, or building your exit strategy to get out of an online grooming situation, we want to know how you handle it all.

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Test Your Knowledge

Put your online safety skills to the test by exploring our quizzes around topics like digital boundaries, red flags, online self-care, and your online persona.

Join the dialogue

Real experiences. Real people. Real talks.

Everyone deserves to be their true authentic selves online without judgment or harassment. That’s why we’re having honest conversations that challenge toxic attitudes online and inspire positivity.

Need to talk?

Text NOFILTR to 741741 for immediate assistance.

Don't 👏 Reshare 👏🏼 Nudes 👏🏾

Don't 👏 Reshare 👏🏼 Nudes 👏🏾

Don't 👏 Reshare 👏🏼 Nudes 👏🏾

Don't 👏 Reshare 👏🏼 Nudes 👏🏾

Don't 👏🏾 Ask 👏 For 👏🏼 Nudes 👏

Don't 👏 Shame