What’s Your Online Safety Role?

When we join communities online, we’re all empowered to helping keep that community fun and safe.

What’s your role in your digital community?

What’s Your Online Self-Care Routine?

Based on your current digital habits, what can you do to better take care of yourself online? Take the quiz to see if your online self care routine could use a refresh.

What’s your POV?

You’re talking to someone new online for the first time and you’re met with these texts trying to sextort you – What is your POV on how to handle them?

Accept or Decline

What is your boundary limit? Accept or decline these online requests to see your boundary battery score.

Video call illustration with text overlay that reads "If you tell me a secret, I'l share one with you."

Know Your Signs

How does your zodiac influence your online persona? See if you live up to your sign’s expectations.

Which friend type are you?

Test your friendship vibe.

Take our friendship quiz to find out which type of friend you are when it comes to keeping your friends safe online. Share your friendship personality results with your bestie.

Find the Exit

It’s important to have a plan when things go sideways online and you might feel uncomfortable. This quiz will help you better identify grooming situations and help you build your own exit strategy.

Choose a scenario to test your grooming knowledge: