We know that navigating online relationships can be tricky and that trying to figure out what to do is not always easy. So, we want to hear from you about how you navigate these interactions. Whether it’s knowing when to block or report a creepy ex, or building your exit strategy to get out of a 😬 grooming situation, we want to know how you handle it all. Your advice gets us one step closer to building digital spaces we all want to be in.

Ready to drop your advice? Please review the requirements below:

✅ You must be at least 13 years or older to submit your advice.

✅ You will refrain from using personal information (i.e names, location, etc.) when submitting advice.

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Everyone is a stranger at some point when you meet them online. We want to hear your POV on how to develop healthy online friendships. 


We want to hear tips and tricks on how to stay safe online. We’ll be compiling all of the advice shared to create our first ever Youth Curated Resource Guide. Drop your social handle or email to see your feature.

Privacy Policy

Your responses will be collected and processed according to the NoFiltr Privacy Policy. In addition to the ways we can use and disclose your responses that are described in the Privacy Policy, your valuable advice will be shared to help facilitate discussions, develop solutions and take proactive steps to combat sexual exploitation and abuse online. This includes publishing your advice in our Youth Resource Guide, which will be publicly available on the NoFiltr Website, and providing it to other organizations for use as a resource. We may also craft your responses into social media content and may use it in presentations given to audiences interested in online safety by the NoFiltr Team.